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PostSubject: Dragonlives   Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:22 pm

I'm just copying this off of my site. Here's the introduction:

In case you are wondering what this is, it is a book I am writing about the story of Dragonlives. It is written from first-point of view from Ruby's* eyes. She goes on multiple adventures and gets in trouble with other species. Below I have written some information about dragonflies.

A Quick Introduction to Dragonflies

Dragonflies have many predators. The Robber Fly* is fast and quick and will catch and kill a dragonfly if possible. Spiders will also have the large meal of a dragonfly if they get the opportunity. Small birds will easily catch and devour the small "dragons." Lizards, frogs, fish, and even larger dragonflies will eat the small insect when they can.
Dragonflies are hunters themselves as well. They will eat whatever can make a suitable meal, even if cannibalism* is the consequence. Dragonflies will eat termites*, ants, mayflies*, caddisflies*, or even the small meal of a gnat*. Adult dragonflies usually eat Diptera*. Dragonflies do not hunt in cold weather. Dragonfly larvae eat mosquito larvae, spending their lives under water until they hatch.

Most of a dragonfly's life will be spent in the larval stage* where it molts from six to fifteen times. Depending on the temperature, the larval stage may vary to last from the common one or two years to the rare six years. After their time as a larvae, they molt one last time and emerge as an adult dragonfly*.

If you have any questions about the dragonfly please post them below.

*Ruby is Jade's sister. Their mother Sapphire, wanted to name one after herself, but her father disagreed and so they decided to name their children after gems instead.

*A Robber Fly is a biting fly.
*A Diptera is a species of fly.
*A caddiesfly, as you might guess, is another species of fly.
*Cannibalism is eating one of the same species as yourself.
*Termites are small, ant-like, wood-devouring insect.
*A mayfly is a small, harmless, annoying insect. They often swarm.
*A tiny, harmless bug.
*A dragonfly in its larval stage might also be known as a "baby dragonfly." They are also known as nymphs.
*What we normally think of as a dragonfly.
The images in this article are not Dragonlives's. Please do not use them as your own for risk of Copyright issues.

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PostSubject: Chapter One   Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:22 pm

The water was dark as night took over. Gazing up at the first few twinkling stars, I couldn't help but feel glad I was who I was, despite my recent complaints. Jade wiggled over to me, obviously uncomfortable. I could easily guess that Sapphire (Some insist I call her "Mom") had cleaned her--or tried to! I wasn't even sure it's possible for land creatures to clean underwater creatures--if underwater creatures could be cleaned at all!
Jade looked eagerly at the night sky, as if expecting something. What was there to expect? Gleaming white stars against the midnight-blue sky? That was already there. Nothing was to come, except the rising sun. But that was hours away. Now there was nothing to come. There was already beautiful stillness, silence, peace and beauty . . . who could ask for any more?
Jade certainly could.
"What are you waiting for?" She asked eagerly.
"What do you mean? There's nothing to expect. That's the beauty of routine."
"Routine, shmu-tine. There's nothing to wait for."
I sighed, exasperated. This was exactly what I had to expect from Jade. Her personality wasn't nearly as pretty as her name.
"There's stillness, silence, and peace . . . you can think without anyone interrupting you. At least, usually you can." I transferred my thoughts into vocals.
"Fine then. I'll leave you to your thinking. If you can think, anyway. I can't imagine how anyone drawn by moonbeams and silence has any thinking power."
I watched Jade leave with a sigh. She would never understand. You had to have a still, peaceful moment once in a while, or life would get so rushed it would seem as if it would just be best to crawl on land and let the sun drain your life away, or, in a full-grown dragonfly's case, fly right into a froggie's open mouth.
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