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 Fang and Lilly story!

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PostSubject: Fang and Lilly story!   Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:01 pm

Lilly and fang

“Lilly!” Lilly’s mother called out ”you don’t want to be late!” Lilly leaped out of bed her eyes sparkling. ”coming mom!” she yelled quickly changing her clothes. she raced down the stair and found her mother packing her bag. ”you’ll need this” he mother said handing her the back pack. ”mom!” Lilly yelled as she pulled out the pajamas her mother had packed her. “you had to pack the ones with the rainbow ponies!” she groaned and left them on the counter. “bye mom!” Lilly yelled as she raced out the door after a hurried breakfast. ”Good-bye Honey!” she called waving to her daughter.
‘now take a left at the thorn bush and walk down the path to get to the professors house’ Lilly thought craning her neck to see the bush. Suddenly she saw a short-cut through a field of tall grass. ‘don’t go in the tall grass without a pokemon!’ her mothers voice echoed in her head. ’oh how bad can it be?’ Lilly thought and decided to take the chance. she raced through the grass and suddenly a large pokemon leaped out. Lilly screeched in terror. A split second later a blazing white shape darted out from behind her and launched itself at the pokemon. it viscously ran the pokemon away. ”what was that?” Lilly murmured to herself. “that was a Tsunbeaa” the pokemon seemed to speak straight into her mind. ”w-who are you?” Lilly stammered backing away from the pokemon. “I am a shiny ninetails. I have no name” the Ninetails spoke. The ninetails looked at Lilly warmly.” I have decided to come with you. To help you on your long journey” said the Ninetails. ”Well then I will name you Fang!” Lilly announced grinning. “I like that name!” Fang said smiling. “To the Professors!” Lilly Shouted and ran off towards the lab. Fang ran beside her easily keeping pace.
“Thanks Prof.Araragi!”(err if that’s the right name XD) Lilly said smiling. “now you have to fill that Pokedex out with all the pokemon you see during your adventures” Prof.Araragi said handing Lilly the Pokedex. “I will!” Lilly promised. “I guess I don’t need to give you a starter pokemon then” the professor said gesturing towards Fang. “Nope!” Lilly grinned and ruffled the fur behind Fangs ears. ”Good-Luck!” Professor Araragi shouted waving. “Thanks!” Lilly yelled back waving as she raced away.
“Well I guess we should start here” Lilly said standing next to a
sign that read “Welcome to Kanako Town!” Lilly walked along the paths until she heard a voice. “alright! Use it again!” the voice shouted. ‘a pokemon trainer huh….’ Lilly thought. She raced up to the trainer in time to see her chasing a Vibrava which had stolen her things. “Hi!” Lilly smiled and stopped on the pathway greeting the trainer. “Hi! I’m Jay!” Jay smiled. “this is Fang my Ninetails” Lilly says pointing to Fang. “wow a real Ninetails!” Jay says as her pokemon walk up behind her. “this is Ivy and Lightwing” Jay said pointing to her Tsutaja and Emonga. “they’re so cute!” Lilly ran up to the pokemon and kept talking about how adorable they were. Fang yawned and sat down. “do you wanna battle?” Lilly asked her eyes gleaming. “Sure!” Jay agreed eagerly. “Fang go!” Lilly called out. Fang ran to the middle of the clearing. The Vibrava leaped off of Jay’s head and onto the clearing. “Fang use Dark pulse!” Lilly called out. Fang used the attack swiftly. “Sand Tomb and then use Crunch!” Jay ordered the Vibrava. Fang squirmed in the sand. Thinking quickly Lilly shouted “Fang use Dig!” Fang quickly dug her way out of the sand. “Vibrava use Sandstorm!” Jay called out. Fang cringed as she was battered by the relentless sand attack. “Fang use Flare blitz!” Lilly ordered. A cloak of flames engulfed Fang as she raced towards the Vibrava.

not finished yet!
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Fang and Lilly story!
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